Past Guest Artists and Clinicians

Each year the Jazz Fest is an exceptional opportunity for music students of all ages to gain the esteem of their peers and to work one-on-one with world-renowned jazz artists, composers and educators. It is also an opportunity for our community to access musicianship and entertainment that is truly unparalleled. Here is a list of our past Guest Artists and Clinicians:

2017Bruce Forman, Darla Pumphrey, Dave Barduhn, Dee Daniels, Dwayne "Cook" Broadnax, Greta Matassa, John Proulx, Josh Nelson, Joshua Tazman, Michele Weir, Paul Beaudry, True North (Fletcher Sheridan, Katie Campbell, Matt Falker, Sammy K, Sharmila Lash), Seattle Jazz Singers, Soundsation
2016Dee Daniels, Bruce Forman, Carmen Bradford, Charenee Wade, Dave Barduhn, Dave Tull, Greta Matassa, Jay Leonhart, Josh Nelson, Kirby Shaw, Rosana Eckert
2015Dee Daniels, Bruce Forman, David Tull, Greta Matassa, Groove for Thought, Josh Nelson, Jay Leonhart, Lauren Kinhan
2014Dee Daniels, Charenee Wade, Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet, Greg Jasperse, Greta Matassa, Kathy Kosins, Louise Rose, Rosana Eckert, Alvester Garnett, Bruce Forman, Jay Leonhart, Josh Nelson
2013Dee Daniels, Deborah Brown, Charenee Wade, Carmen Bradford, Greta Matassa, Rosana Eckert, Josh Nelson, Jay Leonhart, Alvester Garnett and Jay Thomas
2012New York Voices, Dee Daniels and Greta Matassa
2011John Pizzarelli Quartet, Freddy Cole Quartet, Karrin Allyson, Greta Matassa, and Okaidja
2010Marc Broussard, Jeff Hamilton, Sara Gazarek, Byron Stripling, Barney McClure, Atsuko Hashimoto, Graham Dechter, Greta Matassa, Kathleen Grace and Just 4 Kicks
2009Sara Gazarek, John Pizzarelli Quartet and Carmen Bradford
2008John Pizzarelli Quartet, The Four Freshmen, Jay Leonhart, Ernie Andrews and Sara Gazarek
2007John Pizzarelli, Sherrie Maricle and the DIVA Jazz Orchestra, Curtis Stigers, Dee Daniels, Carmen Bradford, Kathleen Grace and John Proulx
2006Jack Jones, Four Freshmen, Duffy Jackson and Barney McClure
2005Carol Sloane, Ernestine Anderson, Greta Matassa, Dee Daniels, Louise Rose, Nancy King, Kristin Korb, Fifth Avenue, Marc Seales, Steve Korn, Duffy Jackson, Steve Christofferson and Marty Tuttle
2004Jon Hendricks and Duffy Jackson
2003Kevin Mahogany and Kelly Harland
2002Marlena Shaw and Greta Matassa
2001Fifth Avenue
2000Dianne Reeves
1999Kurt Elling
1998Carmen Bradford and New York Voices
1997Ernestine Anderson and Arturo Sandoval
1996Dee Daniels
1995Grady Tate and Barney McClure
1994Jon Hendricks and Company
1993Count Basie Orchestra and Diane Schuur
1992Joe Williams and Louis Bellson
1991Carl Fontana and Nancy King
1990Pete Christlieb and Dave Frishberg
1989Four Freshmen and Rich Matteson
1988Bobby Shew and Jan Stentz
1987Woody Herman Orchestra, Mark Murphy, Bud Shank, Jan Stentz, Barney McClure and Matt Catingub
1986The Ritz
1985The Hi-Lo’s and Mark Murphy
1984Four Freshmen, Fifth Avenue and Barney McClure
1983The Hi-Lo’s
1982Jackie Cain and Roy Kral
1981Carmen McRae
1980Ernestine Anderson, Mark Murphy, Richie Cole and Barney McClure
1979Anita Kerr and Anita Kerr Singers
1978Jon Hendricks
1977Joe Williams

An exceptional opportunity for music students of all ages