The Demiero Jazz Fest is Having a 42nd Birthday! Support Our Anniversary With Our “$42 for 42 Years” Fundraising Campaign

“$42 for 42 Years” is our fundraising campaign with a goal of $42,000 and we need your support! We invite you to celebrate the DeMiero Jazz Festival’s 42nd Anniversary by making a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE* donation to the DeMiero Jazz Festival. Our “$42 for 42 Years“ campaign is a way for everyone to say Thank You for the way music has enhanced your life. The DeMiero Jazz Festival has inspired thousands of talented young musicians of the Northwest for 42 years. The result has been a unique and inspiring musical experiences treasured throughout their lives!

Please visit the Fundraise website to make a donation!

Use your social media links to ask your friends, family and colleagues to support this memorable event today.

Thank you for your support of the DeMiero Jazz Festival and keeping jazz music alive!

*Donations made to the DeMiero Jazz Festival are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. This is not financial or legal advice. Please consult your financial or tax adviser regarding your specific situation.